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I have been successful surgically and acaedmically, having taken 4 years out of my training to undertake a PhD in the specialty of Rhinology, examining disorders of the nose and sinuses. I presented my research at a number of high level events, winning the European Rhinological Society basic science research prize, the British Rhinological Society best oral presentation prize, the Royal Society of Medicine rhinology and laryngology oral presentation prize, the travelling fellowship prize of the Foundation Rhinology of Utrecht, as well as a RCSEng Rosetress Trust essay prize. I have also won the RSM Laryngology and Otology equipment grant twice. I was also successful in obtaining a number of research grants, including those from the NIHR, Southampton University, ORS, BRS, Rosetrees Trust, and in 2016 I was awarded a prestigious RCSEng research fellowship award. Following my research, I was successfully awarded and completed the British Rhinology Society Olympus advanced rhinology fellowship following which I completed my Rhinoplasty and facial plastics fellowship.

-Advanced rhinology, anterior skull base surgery, and facial plastic surgery (including septorhinoplasty, rhinoplasty and skin cancer) fellowship at Winchester, Andover and Southampton Hospitals. Oct 2022-2023


-British Rhinology Society Olympus advanced rhinology fellowship. Nov 2021-2022


-Rosetrees Trust & RCSEng Research Essay Prize (2nd place). March 2020

Targeting intracellular bacteria to improve outcomes in Chronic Rhinosinusitis.


-Best Oral Presentation, BRS Conference. May 2019

Intracellular localisation of S. aureus in epithelial cells - A potential bacterial survival mechanism in chronic rhinosinusitis


-League of Friends grant, UHS ENT Storz stack system LoF 03/2019

Competitive bid placed to fund a departmental stack system, £16,000


-Best Oral Presentation, RSM Rhinology Short Paper Session. March 2019

Intracellular localisation of S. aureus in mast cells - A potential bacterial survival mechanism in chronic rhinosinusitis


-Best Original Paper, ERS Basic Science Research Prize. April 2018

Immunological profiling of key inflammatory drivers of nasal polyp formation and growth in chronic rhinosinusitis


-Travelling Fellowship Prize, Foundation Rhinology of Utrecht. April 2018


-Royal College of Surgeons Research Training Fellowship. Oct 2016-2017


-British Rhinological Society Research Grant. May 2016


-Rosetrees Trust Basic Science Research Fellowship. Nov 2015


-RSM Laryngology and Rhinology Equipment Grant. Nov 2015


-Southampton BRU research development grant (co-applicant). June 2015


-Higher Education Innovation & Enterprise Fund (co-applicant) grant. June 2015


-European Rhinological Society (ERS), Travel Prize. June 2014


-NIHR Southampton Respiratory BRU Travel Prize. June 2014


-Primerdesign Ltd ‘Silver’ Research Student Sponsorship. March 2014


-ORS Basic Science Research Grant. March 2014


-Rosetrees Trust Basic Science Research Grant. Jan 2014


-Research Management Council Research Grant, UoS. Jan 2014


-RSM Laryngology and Rhinology Equipment Grant. Nov 2013


-2nd Prize for Best Oral Presentation, BRS. May 2013

Do bacteria contribute to the formation of nasal polyps; analysis of the Th17 pathway, Defensin 5 and MMP 7 in Chronic Rhinosinusitis


-Spire Hospitals Basic Science Research Grant. Aug 2012


-Best Oral Presentation prize, SWEAM. June 2012

Can the absolute lymphocyte count predict Epstein Barr related infectious mononucleosis, eradicating the need for monospot testing


-Medical School finals with distinction, Cardiff University. June 2006


-British Army Undergraduate Scholarship. Aug 2003-2006

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